My prices include:


Consultation only is $30 for 20-40 minutes.

This includes a searching for individual shape and color, a discussion of the procedure and care after it.  Explanation of any questions regarding to permanent makeup.

The first procedure (1.5-3 hours). Price is listed below

The perfection/touchup (1-3 hours). Price is $90 for up to two hours of work. Additional hour is $60

Multiple procedure discounts are available.

The discount applies only to the amount of the procedure itself. Touchup has no discount.

Retouch/Color Refresher (without changing shape) 

For my previous clients:

From 1 to 2 years ago - 30% discount per procedure

From 2 to 3 years ago - 20% discount per procedure

Retouch/color refresher original work not by me

is a New Client procedure with prices listed above

Price List